Power Generation

Generator Sets

Generator sets

Most of the Fozmula range has applications within the gen set environment:-

T/LL70 – Pump control on /off and or high /low level alarms when fuel is transferred from bulk to day storage tanks.

S85 & 6 capacitance liquid level switches for coolants, fuels and oils.  The S85 is used extensively as a low coolant warning device.

Fozmula’s ‘V’ instruments to monitor all engine parameters to include coolant, oil, & level, together with an accompanying range of senders and switches in various thread sizes and switching options.

The G/LL43 is a heavy duty mechanical gauge whilst the Kelch product offers different styles of header, screw or bayonet fixing and is a lower cost item.  Both are widely used for base tank contents display.

S100 for all the engine high /low temperature cut outs and warnings.